Our Services

We use telescopic loupes, to increase the visibility and precision of our dentists’ examinations. The added clarity ensures that our dentist can provide the most accurate care to our patients at Campbell Crossing Dentistry. 

Surgical microscopes, also known as telescopic loupes, enhance our vision during dental examinations and procedures so that we can detect the small details of your teeth and mouth that might otherwise go unnoticed and provide an appropriate treatment.

Surgical microscopes are binocular-like devices, and are worn like glasses.  While they may look funny, they allow our dentists to maintain a comfortable position during your treatment and devote more focus to your oral health needs.  The microscopes magnify and illuminate your mouth so that we can see clearly the fine details of your smile and pinpoint the exact location of any dental concerns.  Many microscopes offer several levels of magnification so that we can view your smile as closely as we need.

Advantages of surgical microscopes include:

  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Ability to detect even the smallest indications of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer
  • Earlier and less invasive treatment
  • Minimized size of the surgical site
  • Enhanced comfort during your procedure
  • Reduced healing time following treatment

We are pleased to offer advanced services that allow us to better care for your smile. For more information about surgical microscopes and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today at 972-414-4000. We want you to feel confident in the services that we provide to you.