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Although digital X-rays are a common component of many dental offices, we utilize a unique type of digital X-ray: the NOMAD™ Portable X-ray. It is designed to reduce radiation exposure and increase safety for both our patients at staff. Drs. Reed, and Schwalm feel confident in our choice to use this dental technology in our practice.

In addition to providing a safer X-ray treatment, the NOMAD portable X-ray allows you, our patients, to remain comfortably seated in the treatment room while our team stays chairside. The imaging process uses lightweight, handheld equipment and creates a more efficient and convenient experience.

The images taken with The NOMAD X-ray are compatible with both traditional X-ray film as well as digitalized display methods. This means that viewing your dental X-rays is more streamlined. Without leaving the operatory, we can capture any needed X-ray images, upload them to our computer system, and explain your oral structure and condition. If this diagnosis process sounds timely and informative, that’s because it is.

At Campbell Crossing Dentistry, we do all we can to improve the overall experience of our patients, and that includes using our NOMAD portable X-ray in Garland, Texas. To learn more about this advanced dental technology, or to arrange a visit with our dentists, please contact our office at 972-414-4000.